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  • You need to download and install WinSCP software from this link:

  • After installation is complete, you can register the connection to the FTP server.

Register your Lizmap server#

  • 1 By email, you should have received the login credentials to the FTP server.
  • 2 Open WinSCP.
  • 3 The panel for adding a new connection opens automatically when the software is opened for the first time. Otherwise click on the button New session located at the top left of the window.


  • 4 New site


  • 5 Complete the information:
    • 1: File protocol: FTP
    • 2: Encryption: Explicit TSL / SSL encryption
    • 3: Hostname: The FTP server received by email
    • 4: Port Number: 21
    • 5: Username: The username received by email
    • 6: Password: The password received by email


  • 6 Click on save to save the new site:
    • 1: Save the session under: Site name, ex: Lizmap
    • 2: Save password: You can check the box if you wish
    • 3: Create a shortcut on the desktop: Allows direct access to the site via a shortcut on your office


  • 7 To connect to your new site go to the Session tab thenSites and click on your site.


  • 8 You should have a screen similar to this:


  • Description de l'interface :
  • À gauche, votre ordinateur
  • À droite, le serveur

  • Par glisser/déposer, nous allons déplacer des fichiers de votre ordinateur vers le serveur.

Arborescence par défaut#

Sur le serveur, toujours dans le dossier qgis, nous allons créer des répertoires qui seront vos thématiques.

Last update: September 27, 2021