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QGIS Resources sharing#

Plugin installation#

  • You need to go in the QGIS plugin manager, go to the plugin QGIS Resource Sharing page.
  • Click "Install"
  • Close the QGIS plugin manager dialog


The full documentation about the plugin is available online.

Add the 3Liz repository#

  • Plugin menu ➑ Resource sharing ➑ Resource sharing
  • Click on the yellow button about settings.
  • Then "Add a repository"
  • Fill the desired name, such as 3Liz for instance
  • URL
  • No need for authentification, you can click Ok
  • Go back in the tab All collections in the top right menu.
  • Search for 3liz and click install.
  • Close this dialog

Finally, in your menu Processing ➑ Toolbox of QGIS, you should see some new Processing scripts, for instance Scripts ➑ Lizmap ➑ Set color field value with feature symbol main colour.