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Google Summer Of Code#

These are the things we would like a GSOC student to dabble with. Get in touch with if interested.

Google Summer Of Code

Javascript refactoring in order to add code coverage.#

Our current front-end code, mostly written ins Javascript is not easily testable. We would like to refactor this code and add has many tests as possible. You'll need to understand how Lizmap works in order to complete the subject. This is mostly about javascript, testing and tools to make it happen.

Add SSO support#

We would like to have the ability to use lizmap with SSO providers like okta, Auth0 ... This project is about working with our backend library Jelix ( see and our front-end code in order to bring the code architecture to have the possibility to use SSO when connecting to lizmap. This will require PHP and javascript skills. In order to make the necessary changes in our code base in order to bring one provider and make it easy to add SSO providers.