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Add a custom QGIS plugin repository#

Add the repository#

In your plugin manager, go in the Settings tab.

Plugin manager

  • Click Add…

Add repository

  • Fill required information with :

    • Name : Name of the repository. You can choose, for instance Plugin 3Liz XXX.
    • URL : URL which have been provided in the email, for instance
    • Press OK if your plugin does not require any authentication. If your plugin requires one, read below.
    • Press Reload repositories to fetch the content of the new repository. This does not install the plugin, it's only adding a remote server where to find plugins.
  • Before going to install the plugin, do not forget to :

    • use the experimental checkbox if the plugin is experimental or you won't be able to see it in the next step
    • use the checks for updates on startup checkbox to let QGIS informs you automatically at a regular interval about any plugin updates
  • Go back to the All tab to see all available plugin and search for the plugin name in the search bar. You should be able to install it.

Add the authentification#

The plugin might be protected by a login/password.

In the dialog below, click Edit in the Authentification section.

Add repository

By default, you will have No Authentification. Click the + icon to create one.

Add repository

  • Fill required information with :
    • Name : Name of the authentification. You can choose, for instance 3Liz authentification
    • Basic authentification
    • Username with the login provided by email
    • Password with the password provided
  • Press Save
  • QGIS will fill with a random string the authentification token to access the repository. You can now follow again the previous documentation about reloading repositories.

Add repository

Last update: March 2, 2021