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Add a custom QGIS plugin repository#

Add the repository#

You need to go in the plugin manager :

  • Plugins ➡ Manage and install plugins

Then, go in the Settings tab.

Plugin manager

  • Click Add…

Add repository

  • Fill required information with :

    • Name : Name of the repository. You can choose, for instance Plugin 3Liz XXX.
    • URL : URL which have been provided in the email, for instance
    • Press OK if your plugin does not require any authentication. If your plugin requires one, read below to continue. If the URL of the repository starts with, it's high probability that your repository requires an authentification.
    • Press Reload repositories to fetch the content of the new repository. This does not install the plugin, it's only adding a remote server where to find plugins.
  • Before going to install the plugin, do not forget to :

    • use the experimental checkbox if the plugin is experimental or you won't be able to see it in the next step
    • use the checks for updates on startup checkbox to let QGIS informs you automatically at a regular interval about any plugin updates
  • Go back to the All tab to see all available plugin and search for the plugin name in the search bar. You should be able to install it.

Add the authentification#

The plugin might be protected by a login/password.

In the dialog below, click Edit in the Authentification section.

Add repository

By default, you will have No Authentification. Click the + icon to create one.

Add repository


If it's the first time that you are using the password manager in QGIS, it will ask you to set the master password. It's a password that you must set with your own password. It will be used to unlock the password database. If you forget it, it's not possible to recover this password.

Master password

  • Fill required information with :
    • Name : Name of the authentification. You can choose, for instance 3Liz authentification
    • Basic authentification
    • Username with the login provided by email
    • Password with the password provided
  • Press Save
  • QGIS will fill with a random string the authentification token to access the repository. You can now follow again the previous documentation about reloading repositories.

Add repository