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Map presets#

A Map preset in QuickOSM is composed of :

  • a name
  • a description
  • one or many queries :
    • either QuickQuery
    • or raw Overpass query
  • one or many GIS layer
  • one or many QGIS QML style related to these layers
  • a thumbnail as PNG or JPG to show a display of this map preset

Create or update a map preset#

To create a new map preset, you must start from the "Quick query" panel, scroll to the bottom. Then you have two options :

  • create a new map preset
  • add query to an existing map preset

General parameters#

You can set a :

  • name
  • description
  • basic or advanced

With basic, you will have the QuickQuery panel. With this kind of query, the extent or the named area can be changed on run-time.

With advanced, it's a raw Overpass query. The query is designed either to run with {{bbox}} or {{geocodeArea:}}.

List of queries#

In the map preset editor, you can find the list of queries included in this map preset.


You can rename or delete a query by right-clicking in the list.

Rename or delete queries

Editing a query#

Depending on the kind of query, you either find the Quick Query table or the Overpass text editor.

Associate a style with a query#

When editing a query within a map preset, you can click the QML help button. It will give you the list of QML file you can add in the folder for the selected query.