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End user#


Type Ctrl+K in QGIS to open the locator widget. You can start type meta then you should see layers in the list.


Datasource manager#

This works without the plugin installed on the computer. It's native in QGIS.

Search with comment


The PgMetadata panel can be opened. If set, the layer metadata will be displayed according to the layer selected in the legend.


Export a single metadata#

To export a metadata sheet as PDF, HTML or DCAT, you need to select a layer in your layer tree saved in the metadata table dataset. Then in the dock you have a button to open the export menu and choose the output format.

Button Export

If no layer with metadata are selected, you can't click on the button of the export menu.

Button Export without metadata

Export the catalog#

From the dock, it's possible to add a layer in the legend showing the full catalog. The main dataset table is flatten to show contacts and links as well.

The user can export this non-spatial layer as CSV by right clicking on the layer then Export.

Last update: January 25, 2021
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