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Use your Android device as a PostgreSQL server#

Termux application#

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that allows to install Linux softwares on your device. You can use this tool to install a PostgreSQL server inside your Android device, and use it to hold a LisSync clone database.

For more information on Termux, please read the Termux Wiki.

Install and configure PostgreSQL on Termux#

A full set of scripts has been developed to ease the installation, configuration and use of PostgreSQL and PostGIS in Termux. See the README file for a detailed how-to.

Once you have successfully installed this set of scripts, you can use your Android tablet or smartphone as a PostgreSQL clone database server.

Connection between your computer and your Android device#

WIFI connection#

You just need to connect to the same WIFI hotspot from your computer and from your Android device. Then, each one will have an IP address in the same network, and you will able to connect from your computer to your Android PostgreSQL server.

Inside Termux, you can follow this guideline:


The WIFI connection can sometimes be unstable, which could cause issues when transfering a large amount of data. You can use USB connection instead. See below.

USB connection#

You can speed up the data transfer and have a more stable connection between your computer and your Android device by using the USB cable to create a network and share the Android device WIFI or 3/4/5G connection with your computer. Depending on your Android version, the steps should roughly be:

  • Stops the WIFI or wired internet connection on your computer
  • Start the WIFI or 3/4/5G connection on your Android device. Make sure your internet connection is working before going on.
  • Plug an USB wire between your computer and your device
  • Do not use the "File sharing mode" (do not accept it if a message asking to allow it prompts)
  • Go to Android preferences, connections, and activate "USB tethering/modem"
  • The connection is active: your computer should be able to use the device internet connection. Try by testing a website inside your computer browser.
  • You now need to figure out the IP addresses of your computer and your Android device for this local network. They should share the same beginning. For example, in your Android shell, type ip add and look for an IP beginning with 192.168.. For example In your computer, you should be able to get your IP address form the internet connection manager, for example by clicking "Details" on you connection name. You can also use a shell or command prompt to know the IP address of your computer in the newly created network. Use ipconfig in Windows, and ifconfig or ip ad in your Linux terminal.
  • Use the Android Termux IP to connect from your computer to your Android PostgreSQL database.