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Main table for storing dataset about PostgreSQL vector layers.


Column Type Size Nulls Auto Default Children Parents Comments
id serial 10 nextval('pgmetadata.dataset_id_seq'::regclass)
dataset_contact.fk_id_dataset dataset_contact_fk_id_dataset_fkeyC
link.fk_id_dataset link_fk_id_dataset_fkeyC

Internal automatic integer ID

uid uuid 2147483647 uuid_generate_v4()

Unique identifier of the data. E.g. 89e3dde9-3850-c211-5045-b5b09aa1da9a

table_name text 2147483647 null

Name of the related table in the database

schema_name text 2147483647 null

Name of the related schema in the database

title text 2147483647 null

Title of the data

abstract text 2147483647 null

Full description of the data

categories _text 2147483647 null

List of categories

keywords text 2147483647 null

List of keywords separated by comma. Ex: environment, paris, trees

spatial_level text 2147483647 null

Spatial level of the data. E.g. city, country, street

minimum_optimal_scale int4 10 null

Minimum optimal scale denominator to view the data. E.g. 100000 for 1/100000. Most “zoomed out”.

maximum_optimal_scale int4 10 null

Maximum optimal scale denominator to view the data. E.g. 2000 for 1/2000. Most “zoomed in”.

publication_date timestamp 29,6 now()

Date of publication of the data

publication_frequency text 2147483647 null

Frequency of publication: how often the data is published.

license text 2147483647 null

License. E.g. Public domain

confidentiality text 2147483647 null

Confidentiality of the data.

feature_count int4 10 null

Number of features of the data

geometry_type text 2147483647 null

Geometry type. E.g. Polygon

projection_name text 2147483647 null

Projection name of the dataset. E.g. WGS 84 - Geographic

projection_authid text 2147483647 null

Projection auth id. E.g. EPSG:4326

spatial_extent text 2147483647 null

Spatial extent of the data. xmin,ymin,xmax,ymax.

creation_date timestamp 29,6 now()

Date of creation of the dataset item

update_date timestamp 29,6 now()

Date of update of the dataset item

geom geometry 2147483647 null

Geometry defining the extent of the data. Can be any polygon.

data_last_update timestamp 29,6 null

Date of the last modification of the target data (not on the dataset item line)

themes _text 2147483647 null

List of themes


Constraint Name Type Sort Column(s)
dataset_pkey Primary key Asc id
dataset_id_idx Performance Asc id
dataset_table_name_schema_name_key Must be unique Asc/Asc table_name + schema_name
dataset_uid_key Must be unique Asc uid