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## 3liz * **QGIS** and **PostgreSQL** lovers * QGIS **core** contributors (mainly server) * 8 employees * QGIS / QGIS Server / PostgreSQL / Lizmap * **Open Source** forever * Development, server hosting, consulting, support, training ![Logo 3liz](media/logo_3liz_small.png)
## QGIS - The Leading Open Source Desktop GIS ![Logo QGIS](media/logo_qgis.png) QGIS is a professional GIS application that is built on top of and proud to be itself Free and Open Source Software .
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## QGIS * Was a **simple** PostgreSQL/PostGIS **viewer** * Licensed under the **GNU General Public License** * Project of the **Open Source Geospatial Foundation** (OSGeo) * Runs on Linux, Unix, Mac OSX, Windows and Android * Supports **numerous** vector, raster, and database **formats** and **functionalities**.
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QGIS Sustainers

## QGIS is not only a Desktop app * **QGIS Server** as an OGC Data Server * **QGIS processing** console tool * **QField** a mobile [Q]GIS solution ![Logo QGIS](media/logo_qgis.png)
## Need to publish web maps ? * You already **use and love QGIS** as your main GIS tool * You need to publish **full-featured applications** to the web * You have **no time** to set up and configure web maps in **complex admin panels** nor reinventing the wheel ![Lizmap](media/logo_lizmap_small.png)
## Lizmap ♥ QGIS * The **QGIS desktop project** is your **web map configuration**: symbology, printing composers, attribute tables, editing forms, expressions, etc. * As **QField**, Prepare once deploy everywhere * **Lizmap QGIS plugin**: configure only specific map options (scales, available tools) * **Web admin panel** mainly for **authentication and authorization management** (users & groups) * It is **open-source**: Mozilla Public Licence ![Lizmap](media/logo_lizmap_small.png)
## History * Created in **2011** as simple QGIS project viewer * Based on **QGIS Server** and **OGC standards**: WMS, WFS, WMTS, WPS * Has evolved to a **full-featured** web gis application generator by integrating many great **QGIS features**: symbology, relations, printing, etc. ![Lizmap](media/logo_lizmap_small.png)
## How-to publish a web map application: * Create and set up your **QGIS project** (e.g. layers and server properties) * Use **Lizmap plugin** to configure the map options and tools (extent, scales, ...) * **Send** your QGIS project, lizmap configuration, data and others files **to the server** **\o/** You've got a web map based on this QGIS project **\o/**
## Use cases ### Some examples to demonstrate ### the main features
## Meylan - map catalog * French city in the Alps * Publish thematic maps for citizens * Eye-candy, with a focus on simplicity
## Calvados - Custom theme * French department of Normandy * Publish thematic maps for citizens * Promoting landscapes
## Aduga - Popups ### Identify an object * **Urban planning agency** * Highlight key figures of **local business parks** * Use **Lizmap HTML popup** with QGIS tooltip & expressions
## Edition - Faunal observations * QGIS field **edit widgets** * QGIS Form **drag&drop** conception * **Draw** geometry - **GPS** use capabilities to draw * Edition **rights**
## Borbonica - Dataviz * La Réunion **National park** (Indian ocean) * Publish a **dashboard** on plant and animal observation data * Use Lizmap **dataviz module** with PostgreSQL views
## Cats - relations and atlas * **Movebank** public dataset on **domestic cats** positions * Show **relations between layers** data * Use **QGIS relations** in the project properties dialog * Add **attribute tables** in Lizmap plugin for these layers * Iterate over cats with **atlas tool** ![cat](media/schubie.jpg)
## Grand Narbonne - find local products * Promoting locally sourced * Promoting local shops * Promoting local products
## Cadastre - business application * **French Britanny** group of cities: Centre Morbihan Communauté * Search **parcels** by location or owner information * Dedicated **Cadastre Lizmap modules** with a **QGIS Server Python plugin** * Lizmap native **access control** to protect sensitive data
## A growing community * Different types of users * private companies * public organizations * research centers * Main contribution in **translation and documentation** * JS scripts repository contributions * Bug triaging ![French]( ![Galician]( ![Portuguese]( ![Brazilian]( ![Czech]( ![Italian]( ![Hungarian]( ![Dutch]( ![Spanish]( ![Polish]( ![Finnish]( ![Swedish]( ![Basque]( ![German]( ![Russian]( ![Greek]( ![Norwegian]( ![Romanian]( ![Turkish]( ![Slovenian](
## Freely usable and used * Bonelli eagle 2017-2019 * Indian ocean environment survey * IRSTEA Earth Observation: * Georice, South-East Asia: * Faunalia (Italie) * Consorzio Toscana Nord (Italy) * Live QField users map: * Município de Arraiolos (Portugal) * SAERI (South Atlantic):
## Extensibility * Server sides modules * User Javascript scripts * CSS themes * Map Builder module * HTML powered : iframes, video/audio, etc.
## Next Lizmap release : 3.4 * Use QGIS **Expression** in Lizmap Edition * default value, constraints, drill down, fields group display * **Snapping** while editing * **Geolocation** survey * Improvements in **dataviz** * Lizmap plugin as a QGIS Server **access control** plugin
![fields group display](media/lizmap_edition_fields_group_display.gif)
## Lizmap RFC * Lizmap Web Client **version 4** * OpenLayers **5 or 6** * **ECMAScript** 6 or 2016+ * W3C **Web Components** * **Unidirectional** User Interface Architecture * **Bootstrap** 5 * Remove **Jquery** 3
## W3C Web Components * We would like to use **native W3C Web Components** to: * limit the **size** of our source code * limit the **dependancies** to "cool" frameworks * benefit from web browser **native performances** * We think that: * the dependancy to OpenLayers is already **big enough** * **standard** technologies are **sustainables**: 10 years old HTML/CSS/JS codes still works!
# Links * Demo: * Website: * Documentation * docker-compose * To contribute * RFC: * web-client * plugin * documentation * localizing

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